Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sept. 25-27, 2008 - FarmPark Bluegrass Festival

We've got a terrific line-up of great bluegrass entertainers coming in September. Here's the schedule - http://www.dentonbluegrass.com/farmpark/bluegrass/images/BGo8FlyerBack.pdf
We had a tremendous event this year. Even though the price of gas was around $4 a gallon, a lot of people came. We had 920 tractors, 755 engines and 97 antique cars - the largest number of antique cars we've ever had. The Ford Fordson Collectors' Association signed up more members here than they've ever signed up at one show!


Our attendance was about the same as it always is, but the weather sure was better - particularly on the first couple of days. Oh, we had low humidity, gentle breezes and nice temperatures. The Fourth of July wasn't as hot as it typically is. We really had a good time this year. We hope you did too!